‘Bringing your print to life’ is not a new phrase. You have almost certainly heard it each and every time a new colour ink, paper texture or finishing process has been released. However, augmented reality could be the closest we are to actually bringing your print to life.

Augmented reality (AR) is the process of overlaying additional digital components to enhance or elevate the real world environment. These components can consist of imagery, audio, factual information or animation, in the form of 3D dragons circling your bottle of spicy sauce for example, and are usually viewed through your mobile

I think it is safe to say that AR has a big future ahead of it, the benefits the technology can bring to the fields of medical science, manufacturing and architecture cannot be doubted. Whereas these sectors certainly have very constructive and progressive needs for AR, marketing is also a field in which the digital world can merge with the physical. One of the largest exponents AR within their marketing is Ikea. The furniture retailer has used AR to enable customers to see how a piece of furniture will look in their front room before it is purchased. This is the top end of AR utilizing large resources but there is so much more it can be used for to ‘bring your print to life’.

Newsletters and magazines can carry more content and interactivity, sales brochures can take readers on virtual tours. It can be informative and educational or it can simply be fun, drawing attention to your company or products. Whatever you choose to enrich your marketing with AR does not need to be expensive or time consuming. The technology to get started is already out there and ready to use.

Take a look at how we simply added new life to a very traditional piece of print and transformed our Christmas card into the Christmas panto card.