One Savings Bank

One Savings Bank plc is the parent company for Kent Reliance with several high-street branches throughout Kent and subsidiaries in London and the Channel Islands.

We first started working in partnership with OSB in early 2014 when, due to growth and expansion their marketing collaterals across the group became difficult for them to manage. The existing management of marketing collaterals and printed literature was disorganised, inefficient, time consuming and unsatisfactory. Individual’s short-cuts to speed things up abused the design guidelines and were badly affecting the brand.

Buckland looked at these pain-points and designed a solution that not only streamlined the procurement process, but maintained brand consistency and allowed easy and overall control by the central marketing department. This was in the shape of an On-Line Collateral Management Portal that allowed staff at branch level to pick from an on-line cart the items that they required while, at the same time, automatically adjusting stock levels within the managed inventory for H.O. to monitor. It also catered for on-demand items to be created though templates that allow a degree of unique input whilst still protecting the brand and layout.

One Savings Bank Portal

Buckland now produce, store and manage a full inventory of over 60 Marketing items including Mortgage packs, leaflets, brochures, pull-up banners and merchandise goods all of which are distributed all over the UK and Europe within 48 hrs from receipt of order and has revolutionised the way OSB manage their Brand.

The online portal system they supply is essential in the day-to-day running of our business, helping us to manage our stock and order items with ease. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to conduct the business we do, so it is imperative that it is maintained effectively. They do a fantastic job of notifying us of any items that go out of stock and immediately make sure they are preparing a new batch so that we have it for the next time.

Our partnership doesn’t end with a marketing portal however. More recently OSB have asked us to enhance their office space with a variety of large format wall graphics and paint effects designed to create a sense of ‘team’ and ‘belonging’ for their staff and further strengthen the brand.

Recently we asked them to fit out our new office with wallpaper, acrylic plaques and glass manifestations. This was quite a big job, yet it was completed in the given time and to a very high standard! 

In the time I have spent working with Buckland Media we have built up a very strong working relationship that has led to many of our ideas becoming a reality. What’s more is that they love a challenge. I am often throwing many tasks their way, some of which would be a difficult feat for me to achieve. But they go out of their way to make it happen, even with the short timeframes given to them!

Tom Luckett, Creative Marketing Executive


Silent Gliss

Buckland have been supporting Silent Gliss with design and print services for over 15 years, producing a variety of marketing collaterals and other printed literature relating to their luxury blinds.

More recently we identified that we might be able to help with some difficulty they were experiencing with archiving and sharing of digital images, videos, documents etc. In short, there was no quick or easy way of finding and retrieving digital images and documents when a request came in from a distributer or retailer to supply them. Once found, they then had the problem of sending such large files to the user. Our solution was to create a Digital Asset Management Portal whereby they could store their digital collaterals in a secure and easily accessible way. It allowed them and whosoever they chose to view, download and upload images, logos, multimedia files, templates and documents whenever they needed to and from anywhere in the world.

“Buckland have invested time to understand our brand and how we like to be presented and to develop relationships with key members of our organisation to ensure a smooth process throughout even the most complicated projects. When we were first introduced to the idea of introducing an online media manager the benefits were clearly outlined, the training was personalised to our own needs and we were fully supported throughout the rollout to our customers”

Sam Shervill, Marketing Manager

Being both robust and bespoke, we were able to build functionality specific to their needs into the system and design it in their brand accordingly. With intelligent organisation and search capabilities, this web-based solution was just the thing to revolutionise the way the company managed their digital assets. The system is very much in use today and continues to grow with assets currently numbering over 4000 and with 8777 downloads in 2016 alone.

“We continue to work with Buckland because of their exceptionally high level of customer service and the quality of their work. Rarely would I be bold enough to recommend suppliers to other business but I would confidently recommend Buckland Media to any organisation looking for printing or digital services”

Sam Shervill, Marketing Manager


Bayliss Executive Travel

Our relationship with Bayliss extends over ten years during which we have given our knowledge and expertise to provide branding, advertising, design and print for their marketing needs. These include personalised invitations, leaflets, pull up banners, flags and pavement signs among other things and regularly help with last minute adverts to feed their advertising contract with the local newspapers.

In late 2015 we helped Bayliss launch a new Day Breaks & Holidays Programme. As a brand new venture the brief was a blank canvass and we set about creating a concept and brand for this new initiative. Ultimately culminating in a brochure that combined the necessary functionality with a design and style that truly represented the same, luxury executive class as their coaches. Thus the Brand was born.

“The feedback was overwhelming on what our customers called ‘a beautiful brochure’. When it came to design our 2017 programme, we knew there was only one place to go…which was clearly the right decision as we have been finalists in National Awards for our printed brochure”

Simone Walkes, Operations and Marketing Manager

By collaborating with the client, Buckland have helped them to expand their Day Breaks and Holidays department by offering advice and experience to help target specific audiences with newsletters and on-line marketing strategies.

“We quite enjoy picking the brains of the team! From the initial step into something new, we have not only made a permanent presence for ourselves but our business has continued to grow….something that without Buckland Media would not have been so successful”

Simone Walkes, Operations and Marketing Manager


Leeds Castle

As one of the biggest and best visitor attractions in Kent, we at Buckland are very proud to have been working closely with Leeds Castle for well over 10 years (to be fair we haven’t been counting) and in that time, have forged a close working partnership.

The marketing team at the Castle are always coming up with new and original marketing ideas and Buckland is only too happy to be involved from the early stages, helping to deliver a wide variety of collaterals whether for the shop, golf course, customer facilities, markets or any of their open-air events. Our personal approach, attention to detail and fast reaction times are key to the kind of support and service that their team have come to expect.


Margate Football Club

Our relationship with Margate Football Club began when the Club needed to improve on the quality of their match day magazine being offered to supporters. The immediate solution was for Buckland to take on the print for the remainder of the season with a view to look at a complete revamp for the next season.

The following season a new magazine was launched with new features making full use of the photography and material that the Club has at it’s disposal. The magazine has become the Club’s brand flagship carrying a new fan-based ethos to the supporters and the community.

“It’s a very exciting time at Margate Football Club so we turned to Buckland Media to assist us in our key marketing activations. Ahead of the 2017/18 campaign we had a few tight deadlines to meet. Buckland Media provided support, advice and a reliable service to ensure we could deliver better products for our fans. Understanding our goals and ambitions, at both a strategic and practical level, Buckland took on a number of briefs and delivered them expertly.”

Charlotte Richardson

As work on the new magazine was underway the new season was fast approaching and the Club’s marketing team felt that the surroundings were looking a little tired and in need of a refresh to go with the new ideas and modern thinking they were bringing to the Club. At Buckland we were commissioned to re-skin the catering unit with new brand graphics and install a 19m banner along the terrace wall. New branded official merchandise was required for the Club shop and we have also been able to assist in marketing literature as the Club look to build a firm recognizable base within the community and beyond.

“Buckland have assisted us in producing one of the most professional Match Day Magazines in non-league football. Besides this they’ve enhanced our brand and moved it along to become more attractive and appealing to a range of stakeholders. No ask is too much for the team and we especially appreciate their understanding of the football sector, offering us flexibility when we need it most.”

Charlotte Richardson