Print has survived the digital storm and has returned to the forefront of marketing campaigns.

Not so long ago the digital arena offered you a new world of opportunity. It became simple, quick and cheap to show your offer to the world. Everyone could do it with easy access for all and print found itself in the eye of the storm paying the price for not being able to keep up with the new digital revolution.

How could it? An online brochure offers links to videos, unlimited pictures and features that were available instantly. A printed brochure would take hundreds of pages with limited exposure to do the same thing. Social media sites opened your brochure to potential customers from every corner of the world with a simple click. It was the perfect marketing tool, sales would be up and costs would be down. But are they?

Can you compete?

Digital was certainly once the cheaper option but is that now always the case? The availability and popularity of digital marketing has made it much harder for you to get noticed in the clutter. Everyone is seeing everyone’s brochures. The need to spend time and money on producing the best and most original content is relentless. Social media now requires dedicated staff to monitor, not just your own, but your competitor’s activity too.

There are companies that dedicate huge budgets to the creativity and innovation of their digital marketing to keep themselves ahead of the crowd leaving those who do not invest behind.

But your sales are up…. Yes?

Google and Facebook turn to print 

Apology advertAlthough not every company has seen large returns there are without doubt some very big winners from the digital age. Yet, despite this print is still proving to be the media of choice for many of those winners. In fact, two of the biggest, Google and Facebook, have turned to print for different reasons to get their messages heard. Google, once print’s nemesis, now excepts that print is an effective way to engage with people and owns a print journal called Think Quarterly.

Facebook also turned to print when it found itself needing to apologise for its data being used by third parties. The use of print to make this apology is probably down to many factors but does make two very good points. For any apology to be worth the words said it needs to be heard. Newspaper adverts were chosen over their own site as the media to issue their apology to ensure it would be seen and noted. The publications chosen to place the advert also demonstrated that the organization was perhaps aiming the apology at potential investors more than the site users. This kind of targeting could perhaps not have had the same level of clarity on Facebook itself. 

Why should I use print?

Facebook’s advert also demonstrates how the simplicity of the printed item got their apology heard. There were no videos to distract the reader, there was no link to take you away from the page just a simple message to be read.

A visit to from Royal Mail will also reveal that research shows that a majority of people trust and believe messages delivered in print. Another reason for you to consider using print is that 70% feel more valued when receiving printed marketing and that 65% give a printed message their full attention.

Where do I start?

Before you head back to your Facebook account and hit the delete button – stop! Print is not an alternative to your digital marketing it is an addition too. Print has evolved and matured to live and work alongside your digital marketing. Both have their strengths and weaknesses and learning which is right to use and when will show returns in your sales.

At Buckland we have been providing print and marketing collateral with a personal service for over 100 years. We can help you with the creative design, advise you on the best papers, guide you to the best finishes and get your print to work with your digital marketing.

So to get started simply use the link below to contact us and we will be with you every step of the way.