Environmental graphics and bespoke wallpaper from Buckland.

Adding a little creativity to an open space can really transform the environment around you. From board rooms and class rooms to museums and cafes, if you have a blank open space we can help you bring it to life to enhance your visitor experience.

Good environmental graphics embrace a wide range of design disciplines that combine to form a connection between people and place. Good creative design will communicate your identity, offer information and activate a previously unused resource.

Our bespoke wallpaper/environmental graphics includes a full concept to installation service by our in-house team.

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Bespoke wallpaper can bring life and character to meeting rooms.

Unused spaces can be transformed with functional graphics in any office environment.

An example of how environmental graphics have been used to screen maintenance work. This also includes a contactless donation point to raise funds whilst it is in place.

A temporary installation at Margate Football Club. The aim of the installation was to bring new life to a tired and blank terrace wall for the upcoming season. It provided a focal point for fans until more permanent work can begin on the terrace.

This London based estate agency use their large window space to advertise their ‘property of the month’.

With an integrated slatwall you can add a product display to your meeting rooms, retail displays to your cafe areas or information leaflets to your waiting rooms.

Bespoke signage brings vitality to a sales site. Use your signage to fit the environment and entice your visitors.

We produce large banners for a variety of purposes. This one was to act as a wind break for training equipment and bags at the base of this climbing wall.

Take a look at our installation for Shepherd Neame at Kent County Cricket Club.

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