Bespoke Wallpaper

If you have a good photograph, is it just a picture, or could it be a wallpaper. A well designed, considerate and branded bespoke wallpaper really can change a room or bring a new focus to open space.

Our wallpapers include a complete concept to installation service all designed, printed and installed by our own team. Keeping you in control of the process at all times.

Our new slat wall prints enable you to seamlessly incorporate a retail display in a café area or informational leaflets in a waiting room.

For the complete experience the design can extend to cover the ceiling or windows with printed blinds or window coverings. Floor graphics can also be applied and the possibilities for bespoke wallpaper are endless in more creative environments.

Educational graphics can bring new life and vibrancy to schools and nurseries. Whilst meeting rooms, board rooms and offices can be branded with inspirational graphics.

Bespoke wallpaper is perfect for refreshing any environment and we design, produce and install for any office, clubhouse, restaurant, museum, school or…

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